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sticky lips EXPERIENCE: Eating SunSHINE DAY 2

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Life can get a little dreary sometimes and that’s exactly why I wrote this song. I wanted it to be a cure for the dark days and a soundtrack for the sunny days. Sometimes it’s good to keep the lyrics nice and simple and this is the most on-the-nose, happy songwriting I’ve done so far don’t you think?

Now, some people on Facebook (who generally have trucks in their profile pictures) don’t seem to like this easy going approach 😂and that has led to some pretty funny hate comments. The nice comments from legends like you far outweigh the negative stuff and reading all the lovely things really brightens up my day so thank you!


This screenshot is my favourite funny bit of “hate” from the comments on Eating Sunshine. On a serious note though; I do love avocado. I absolutely hated it when I was younger but eventually got on the avo train. What made me go over to the guac side? Believe it or not, I did it for the same reason behind so many worldly accomplishments…TO IMPRESS A GIRL.






I'm eating sunshine

It tastes so good

It's zero calorie

It's sugar free


Baby baby won't you jump in the light

It's always sunny in our summertime

Ice cream Sundays we'll

Be eating everyday 

With us together we can blow the wind away x2


You never never never would know

Never never never would know

You never never never would know

If we let this go

If we let this go

You are my cool drink

You’re so refreshing 

You are my sugar high

Under blue skies




You're such a cool breeze 

When I can't breathe baby

You're my parasol

Be my summertime lady