The Curious Incident is a band that makes playlists of music they like. Featured playlists include: "Friday Vibe Day" and "This Is: (South) Africa". These Spotify and Deezer playlists reflect the band's eclectic taste in music, their influences, other artists that they are in association with and just plain old (new) great music. Select your preferred music service (Spotify, Deezer or Soundcloud) and FOLLOW these playlists and The Curious Incident so that they can keep bringing you new Indie with a Caribbean Twist!



The Curious Incident gets all homesick with this lekker playlist of awe South African tunes from beauts such as Beatenberg, Early Hours, Kongos, Taxi Violence, Fokofpolisiekar, Shortstraw, Al Bairre, Grassy Spark, Alice Phoebe Lou and more.



Open that door to the weekend and let me outta here! The Curious Incident picks their favourite tracks every Friday Vibe Day to help you get into the weekend spirit. Please press that sexy follow button.