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you in education toilet red.jpeg

I used to be a high school tutor and I loved this job but along the way I came across some strange bureaucratic BS from schools/universities with some really dated ideas on education. Those experiences mingled with a good dose of inspiration from cult classic films like the Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off grew into what is now “You in Education”. In contrast to the fun upbeat music you could also hear a more cynical undertone in that the youth in this track are disenchanted with their school system, they feel ignored and so it’s a tongue-in-cheek criticism of authoritarianism.

Now, I’ve hidden (not very well) an Easter Egg somewhere on this page that will take you to a secret video of an amazing “Education” I got in the early days of being a musician (you’re in for a surprise!) 😛 Email me once you’ve found it!







You got something on me

But I'll wriggle free

Ain't no evidence

That can shackle me


We're doing what we want

If you don't want us to

If you don't want us to

Why'd you put us in a zoo

If you think we are a problem

Why don’t you try to solve it


"I didn't do nothing wrong"

Is the same refrain

We hear it all the time

Though the voices change

It’s no coincidence that

Without schooling we all fall flat


Ooh that girl's looking real nice

But nobody's told us to think twice

Teenage love’s got me feeling so fine

It worked for Romeo and Juliet alright

(No it didn't - they died)

(Pre-chorus / Chorus)


Should I go on back to school

I'm not really in the mood

Everyone's invited cause education is so cool

I'm dancing in the library

Where doing lines isn't what you think it means

I'm too high to be studying

Education is so cool